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The next generation of TECAR therapy 

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The TECARPULS is a special device for CET therapy (Capacitive Energy Transfer), a non-invasive treatment that awakens the body's natural ability to self-regenerate, using a frequency of 500 kHz. The TECARPULS produces "deep heating" in a controlled manner using electromagnetic energy (diathermy).

The reactions produced by the TECARPULS through capacitive electrodes are focused on soft tissues, muscles and peri-articular structures. The transfer of energy generates optimal, local deep heat, which immediately increases local circulation, reduces pain, improves elasticity and therefore improves mobility. The main advantage is that it significantly shortens recovery time in the event of acute and chronic injuries.

TECAR therapy has been used with great success since 1988. Several clinical reports from research institutes worldwide have proven its remarkable effect on various injuries as seen in dermatology, traumatology and sports medicine. The localized induction of deep heat in the treated area causes an expansion of blood vessels, an increase in blood flow and an increase in metabolic rate.

It also leads to higher elasticity in soft connective tissues improving flexibility. In addition, the localized warming lowers muscle tone. Stimulation of the thick nerve fibres provides increased nerve conduction velocity, giving the patient a clear advantage with regard to pain relief when starting rehabilitation.

The physiological responses are mainly attributed to heat output, which is directly related to total power output. Heat, as applied through diathermy, is a common treatment during a physical therapy treatment regimen.

  • Safe and effective solution for "deep heat" diathermy
  • Monofrequency 500kHz CET system (Capacitive Energy Transfer)
  • Handpiece with Energy Control System for accurate and convenient adjustment of power
  • Two electrodes (Ø23mm and 30mm) with fast-click system
  • No comprehensive accessory package required
  • Colour touch screen
  • Quick Access Menus for fast setup and start of therapy
  • Indication-based library (pathology library) with easy-to-use predefined treatment protocols


Technical specifications:

Mains voltage: 100-240 Volt ~

Frequency: 50/ 60 Hz

Max. power consumption: 144 VA

Medical device classification: IIa (according to MDD 93/42/EEC)

Safety class: I type BF, according to IEC 60601-1

Patient leakage current: better than IEC-req. (IEC≤ 100 µA)

Security Tests: CE-MDD

Dimensions: 302x300x126,5 mm (lxwxh)

Weight: 4.3 kg

Fuses: 2xT 2.5A H 250Vu


Standard accessories:

Treatment electrode, Ø 30mm

Treatment electrode, Ø 23mm

Blank earth electrode rod

Silicone block

Complete remote handle

Electrode cable, black

Power Supply cable

Therapy Cream, bottle 1ltr.

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The new shortwave diathermy device of Enraf-Nonius

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Enraf-Nonius’ revolutionary and new Curapuls 670 offers an effective, safe and easily administered therapy for various disorders of the locomotor system and for the restoration of soft tissue.

New evidence

There has been a strong evidence base for the application of radio frequency energy for many years now. Recent literature, too, shows a scientific evidence base, particularly for the pulsed application of this therapy in highly relevant medical issues such as postoperative pain and swelling, as well as wounds that are not healing well.

Device featuring all the knowledge

Enraf-Nonius has successfully incorporated all the available scientific knowledge on the application of this therapy in this device. The unique algorithm and the highly user-friendly user interface, supported by the intuitive use of colours, make it very easy indeed for you to help your patient.

It will only take you a few seconds to select the best possible treatment for various types of pain and inflammation, depending on how acute or chronic the disorder is.

Light ring

The unique and good-looking light ring provides both the therapist and the patient with a clear indication of the amount of energy and the nature of the treatment being administered.





This therapy is commonly used for the palliative treatment of pain and swelling (both post-operative and regular), among other things, and as a very effective tool that will help wounds heal.


A-thermal and thermal

With its low-power settings, this device is exceptionally well suited to the treatment of acute conditions. Recent large-scale research has shown that this method is particularly well suited to the relief of post-operative pain and the promotion of post-operative wound healing.

However, the device can also be used to achieve thermal effects, as well. Even these higher levels of power can be safely administered, and they are very effective in the relief of pain caused by chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis.


Easy to use and hands free

This therapy can be administered entirely hands free using the convenient arm, which can be fixed in the right position with just one button. This makes the device a clear improvement on

labour-intensive therapies such as Thecar, which are generally administered to treat the same problems. The clever user interface and the touch screen also help therapists administer the therapy easily and without any effort.

A second arm can be affixed if necessary. Therapists can simultaneously use two circuplodes to approach the treatment area in a highly effective manner. Thanks to its two completely independent channels, the device can even be used to treat two areas at once, or even to treat two different patients at the same time.


Due to the nature of the electromagnetic energy, it is mainly absorbed by tissue with a low level of impedance, such as well-vascularised tissue (muscle tissue) or tissue featuring oedema or recent haematomas.

Absorption of this energy promotes tissue recovery and improves circulation. Shortwave therapy is not very physically demanding and is effective very deep inside the body. The patient hardly experiences any thermal sensation, but the effect on his or her deep tissue is significant!



The device transmits electromagnetic energy in the radio frequency spectrum. This therapy is known as PRFE (pulsed radio frequency energy) or PSWT (pulsed shortwave therapy). Curapuls 670 generates electromagnetic energy with a frequency of 27.12 MHz.

Due to the pulsed nature of the energy, the device can very briefly transmit high peak power Watts, followed by relatively long periods of inaction. As a result, the patient’s tissue receives intense stimulation, although the therapy is very safe and comfortable for the patient.


High adjustable peak power (maximum 200 Watt)

Pulse width and pulse frequency can be set by the therapist

Conveniently arranged display

Over 25 clinical treatment suggestions

100 free programmable memory positions

Special induction electrodes (superficial thermal burden low)

Indication and monitoring of the power output to ensure optimum energy transmission

Easy-to-adjust electrode arms that can be brought into position very easily.

Opportunity to use two circuplodes simultaneously.




The Circuplode is an advanced inductive electrode. It is provided with a Faraday screen that eliminates capacitive effects to give a virtually pure magnetic field. This means that no energy is absorbed in superficial fatty tissues, so that optimum effect in deeper-lying tissues is obtained. This is in contrast to conventional inductive electrodes, in which the transfer of energy is limited by the capacitive currents in superficial (fatty) tissues.

Curapuls 670 comes standard with a Circuplode Ø 140 mm, which will allow you to carry out the most common treatments. In addition, the following components are available:

Circuplode Ø 90 mm: for the treatment of small body parts such as wrist and ankle joints

Circuplode-E: for the treatment of large oblong shaped body parts such as knee joints.



Technical specifications

Frequency: 27.12 MHz

Channels: 2

Pulse power: 0-200 W

Average power: 0-64 W

Mains voltage: 100-240 V (50/60 Hz)

Power consumption: max. 400 VA

Dimensions (wxdxh): 48x56x110 cm

Weight (unit): ca. 27,5 kg


Standard accessories:

Electrode arm

Instructions for use (on CD)

Circuplode Ø 140 mm.

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Continuous and pulsed shortwave diathermy unit

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The continuously adjustable intensity and the output of 400 Watt provide optimum application possibilities. Continuous shortwave therapy increases the circulation and stimulates the metabolism. The pulsed peak power can be set to a maximum of 1000 Watts. The related average power is, however, much lower. Biological processes, which should not be heat-treated, can therefore be treated a-thermally.


An electrical field can be created with the disc electrodes or the rubber electrodes, depending on the shape and size of the body part to be treated. A choice can be made from a wide range of capacitive electrodes. A magnetic field can be created with the Circuplode or with the Flexiplode. The treatment planes of the Flexiplode can be adjusted to fit the body part.


Besides the well-known effects of heat therapy with continuous radiation, the unit’s pulsed mode will stimulate wound healing, oedema and haematoma absorption, pain reduction and stimulation of the peripheral circulation.



Four large wheels make the Curapuls 970 easy to move within your practice. Two wheels can be locked to immobilise the unit.

Continuous and pulsed output

Conveniently arranged display

Wide range of electrodes

Four large castors

Adjustable electrode arms



Apart from the therapeutic effect of pulsed shortwave therapy, as described with the Curapuls 670, continuous shortwave therapy can also be applied with the the Curapuls 970, the real diathermy. By using the different methods of placing the electrodes (transverse, longitudinal or co-planary), or by using different sized electrodes, a thermal effect can be obtained in selected parts of the body. As the continuous output also has a stronger effect in the surface layers, the patient will also experience a strong thermal effect.



Induction electrodes are particularly well-suited for the treatment of deeper-lying tissues. The adjustable treatment planes of the Flexiplode ensure optimum adaptation to the body surface. The large surface totalling 412x225 mm enables treatment of larger body parts in one application.


Technical specifications:

Generator frequency: 27.12 MHz, ± 0.6%

Output power: continuous HF max. 400 W, pulsed HF max. 1000 W (peak)

Pulse duration: ca. 400 µs

Pulse repetition frequency: 15-200 Hz adjustable in 10 steps

Mains supply: 230-240 V / 50 Hz

Mains voltage variation: approx. ± 10%

Current consumption: approx. 6 A (at 230 V)

Dimensions: (wxdxh, without arms): 56x43x92.5 cm

Length electrode arms: 93 cm

Weight: ca. 80 kg


Standard accessories:

Operating manual Curapuls 970

Neon checklight for Curapuls 970

Disc (Schliephake) electrode Ø 130 mm for Curapuls 970, 2x

Cable clamp for Curapuls 970, 2x

Electrode cable for Curapuls 970, 2x

Electrode arm white, for Curapuls, 2x.

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Microwave diathermy units

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The Radarmed 650+ and 950+ are units for continuous and pulsed microwave therapy with a frequency of 2450 MHz (12 cm waves). The options for dosage are based on the warmth sensation of the patient. This is considered a big advantage and also makes microwave a safe therapy. Microwave therapy is simple to apply thanks to the unipolar application. The radiator makes no contact with the patient and is simple, safe and hygienic to apply.


Continuous or pulsed output

Effortless transition between continuous and pulsed therapy

The parameters are conveniently arranged on the illuminated display.

The parameter settings remain visible on the display during treatment.

Free memory for the storage of treatment protocols (only on Radarmed 950+).



Unit for continuous and pulsed microwave therapy. Dosage and treatment time are digitally displayed on screen. They are easy to set with the push buttons.



Like the Radarmed 650+, but with LCD-screen. User-friendliness and functionality are essential. The parameters are conveniently arranged on the illuminated display. The parameters are easily and swiftly installed by means of the central control and push buttons. Besides, treatment protocols can be saved.


Technical specifications:


Operating modes: continuous and pulsed

Frequency: 2450 MHz ± 50 MHz

HF power, continuous: 0-250 W at 50 Ohm

HF power, pulsed: 0-250 W with a fixed peak power of 1500 W, ± 30%

Programmable positions: only with the Radarmed 950+

Mains voltage: 220-240 V ± 10% (50/60 Hz)

Power consumption: 1000 VA

Weight: 45 kg (including arm)

Dimensions: 93x39x49 cm (hxwxd, including castors).


Standard accessories:

Operating manual Radarmed 650+/950+(1)

Mains cable 230V-EUR

HF-cable 250 Watt, for Radarmed

Arm for radiator of the Radarmed.

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