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Drainage over the top!

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HC LYMPHACTIVE is the only and exclusive patented device granting dynamic pressotherapy. First all over the world, lymphactive has been studied with reference to the combination between engineering knowledge and clinical approach.

Pressotherapy represents a therapeutic massage useful for reducing oedema, stimulating blood flow thanks to the pressure, improving aesthetic of the treated parts of the body. Pressotherapy is addressed to remove exciding interstitial liquids and favouring venous and lymphatic flow, by respecting physiological circle to the different interested anatomic parts. Drainage effect is coming only while pressure has been properly adjusted for making sequential pressure and pressure phases are alternated to rest phases (intermittent pressures).



The standing position during pressotherapy is the most proper approach for getting the highest therapeutic results, as well as being comfortable and safe for every patient. Also, standing position is favouring the most natural and physiological lymphatic and vessel flow.



Lymphactive is the only device that assures an active therapeutic approach, with dynamic pressotherapy. Complying with the patient’s needs during pressotherapy, is one of the main details for getting the best out of the application itself. The full body structure is working simultaneously, while pressotherapy in in operation. So, muscles, but also the rest of the body assure the proper activity. On this context, dynamic pressotherapy, is the only therapeutic approach capable of making both lymphatic and vessel system working together with the rest of the human body. Lastly, the pump coming from the pressure of the foot over the ground during walking/ running is granting the best and most correct blood flow.



Increasing of venous and lymphatic flow velocity: applied pressure makes lower dimensions of venous and lymphatic vessels where pressure is applied. Effect is the increasing of blood flow velocity into the venous and lymphatic systems.

Biochemical effects: hardening and elastic force coming from the physiologic reply, grant anti-thrombotic, fibrous and vasodilatation process.

Effects over oedema: pressure, which is applied over the skin, is transmitted to the sub-cutaneous layers. This action makes greater capillary absorption capability, reduction of lymphatic interstitial load, volume increasing.


Phlebology: Stimulate venous return, favouring problem of blood static massroblema delle mas.

Lymphology: It finds application into lymphatic stasis and into the lymphedema, into the reactive fibrotic skin.

Beauty Medicine: Largely used into the beauty, pressotherapy is useful for improving skin and favouring blood flow and making drainage.

General surgery: It is useful to use pressotherapy after surgery for improving drainage and making stimulation after mastectomies; also used for healing hematoma and post-surgical oedema.

Physiotherapy: Into the pathologies of joints, into muscular lassity, contractures, pressotherapy is getting very good results.


Technical features

Power supply: 110 - 230 V – 50/60 Hz

Power consumption: 80 VA

Protection Class: I type BF

Outputs: 8 sequential

Display: large coloured touch-screen LCD

Software: on Windows CE

Pre-set programs

Free memories for customised protocols

Emission modes: continuous, modulated, cycling

Max. pressure 200 mm/Hg


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The Dynamic Presso-Massage

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The Best in Drainage

Stimulating the body to ensure a proper functioning lymphatic system is useful to everyone, even athletes and those enjoying excellent health. Thanks to the improvement in circulation while stimulating the elimination of toxins and waste products it is particularly useful for those to enhance athletic recovery and performance.  LYMPHACTIVE is an extremely useful tool for preventing and improving water retention, favouring an improved aesthetic appearance of the skin and can aid in preventing cellulite.


Patented fit for dynamic presso-massage

Thanks to this patented system, the massage takes place in the natural orthostatic position and allows the possibility for the user to walk on a tread-mill. This vertical, in motion freedom allows LYMPHACTIVE to deliver results not obtainable by any other device. By transferring pressure from side to side, the lymphatic system is more effective in improving circulation, maximizing muscle toning, enhancing weight loss and slimming.


Lymphactive benefits

Reduced swelling within a few hours of use

Soothes tired muscles

Relieves joint pain

Helps clients lose pounds and inches

Boosts the immune system

Enhances the natural processes of your internal organs

Reduces cellulite


LYMPHACTIVE reactivates your lymphatic system 10 times more effectively than a traditional drainage massage


The Greatest Wealth is Health

LYMPHACTIVE marks a decisive step forward into the use of presso-massage, which delivers an important element of enhancing the functions of the body and building a strong immune system. A balanced and properly functioning lymphatic system expels toxins, ensuring that the body is protected against infections through an efficient flow of liquid leaving the venous pathways (lymph) and returning cleanly back into the bloodstream.


Technical features:

Power supply:   115 - 230, 50/60 Hz, +/- 10%

Display: Coloured with touch-screen 10,1’

Compression modalities: Continuous, modulated, cycling, intermittent

Adjustable pressure: Until 200mHg

Outputs: 8, sequential

Pre-set programs

Free memories

Patients’ date-base        


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