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The ultimate versatile magnetotherapy device

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Further to the most traditional frequencies from 1 to 200 Hz, it is also possible to set high frequency magnetic field up to 5000 Hz. It is possible to set only low frequency or only high frequency. Usually, low frequency magnetic field is applied for performing treatment in case of fractures, pseudarthrosis, osteoporosis, etc. The aim of the treatment is to improve quality and quantity of callus and collagen. Otherwise, high frequency magnetic field is generally used for treating vascular, dermatology diseases and also for treating all the pathologies where warm is absolutely contra-indicated.



Outputs: 2

Frequency: 10 to 200 Hz for LF and up to 5000 Hz for HF

Emission mode: pulsed and pulsed modulated

Intensity: max 100 Gauss (peak);

Effective on the patient max. 50 Gauss

Display: Colored touch-screen

Pre-set programs with body pictures

Free Memories for customized protocols

Therapeutic objectives


Standard accessories:

Pair of LF applicators with straps


On request:

Pair of HF applicators

Ergonomic couch with two-solenoids 

Ergonomic couch with single solenoid partial treatments

Solenoid 30 cm large for upper and lower limbs

Trolley mod. R2 with or without drawers.

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The  advanced magnetotherapy device

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HC BIOSTIM is used for delivering low frequency magnetic fields into the human body. It is provided with 2 outputs and it may deliver a low frequency, adjustable magnetic field from 1 to 200Hz both in continuous and modulated modes. With a maximum power of 100 Gauss available over each applicator, HC BIOSTIM can be connected to a special, ergonomic couch (CMP). The ergonomic couch allows a comfortable placement of the patient, since the biggest solenoid is 80 cm large and also the two available rails permit to move the solenoid for enlarging placement and also for making electromagnetic field smaller or larger depending on the area to be treated. While the two solenoids are on the same place, electromagnetic field becomes stronger.

Making the most out of the enhanced mechanical effect such a high power can provoke: stimulating the bone into fracture repair, pseudo-arthritis, arthritis and several other bone pathologies.

HC BIOSTIM is suitable for treating all the pathologies where electromagnetic fields can be beneficial. The high power along with a wide range of useful frequencies allow the operator to adjust each parameter with reference to the real conditions of the pathology and the patient’s feeling.


Technical features

Outputs: 2

Frequency: 10 to 200 Hz

Emission: static and modulated frequency

Intensity: 100 Gauss (peak) effective over the patient max. 50 Gauss

Display: Graphic and coloured LCD with touch-screen

Pre-set protocols with pictures

Free memories

Standard accessories: pair of applicators with strap


On inquiry:

Ergonomic couch with two solenoids for partial and total body applications

Ergonomic couch with single solenoid

Solenoid 30 cm large for lower and upper limbs

Wheeled frame with boxes.

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Portable magnetotherapy device

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TOWER MAG is a low frequency magnetic field generator provided with 2 outputs. Low frequency magnetic fields are applied for performing treatments onto the pathologies belonging to muscles and bone. It makes faster healing process, improve better physiological conditions over bone and cartilaginous tissues, without any special collateral effects. TOWER MAG is provided with 2 applicators, that the operator may use together or separately. Peak power of each applicator is 100 Gauss and frequency could be adjusted from 1 to 200 Hz.


Technical features

Peak power 100 Gauss,

Max. on patient 50 output Gauss

Continuous and modulated emission

Frequency: 1 to 200 Hz

2 outputs

4.3” display

Pre-set programs

Free memories


On inquiry:

Carrying case

Rechargeable battery inside.

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Magnetotherapy couch

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The action mechanism of the CMP couch on the bony tissue, it is based on a series of elements among which one of the most important: the piezoelectric effect. The CMP can be usefully used in treating repairing processes. In fact, in the bone the collagen acts as a piezogenerator and due to the vibrations created by the CMP, it is possible to intensify or replace those natural functions, which maybe were disturbed or absent in a patient.

Experience points out that apart from stimulating the collagen, there is an organising effect of CMP on the structure of the bony callus. This effect is mostly carried out at tissue level, in the form of greater orientation both of cellular and fibrillary components. The reaction of micro-vascular tissues to CMP is connected with an induced stimulation on the intra-fibroblastic synthesis of GAG and especially of the hyaluronic acid, which gives iron bigger positiveness at ischemic level.

On the other side, the inhibition of oedema is most likely due to the partial block of endothelial permeability by GAG, and by stimulation of differentiation in GAG fibroblasts, which are producers of primitive mesenchymal cells.


CMP Plus is an innovative magnetic field generator with couch. The keyboard is installed over the couch and there is no need to connect the couch to any extra device. Everything is included into the couch and the operator may set all parameters by using the electronic keyboard placed over the top of the couch.  From the keyboard the operator may set the available pre-set protocols, storing up to 50 customised memories, using manual function.

CMP 1 Plus is provided with single 80 cm large solenoid for performing treatment over each articulation and segment; CMP 2 Plus is provided with two different solenoids: the first one 80 cm large and the second one 65 cm large, for adapting applications to the area to be treated, from segment up to the whole body of the patient.

The two different solenoids make CMP 2 Plus a very special magnetic couch generator: in fact, the solenoids are placed over two different rails for granting the opportunity to move them for placing them just over the interested area to be treated.

This helps the operator to perform both partial and total-body treatment by using the same couch; on the other hand, thanks to this opportunity, space for putting the patient over the couch could be larger.

The first solenoid of 80 cm large is so big that almost all people, also obese people could enter into the solenoid. On this context, the ergonomic couch, further to best comfort of each patient, hast been tested with a load up to 500 kg.


Technical features

Dimensions: cm 215x65x65h

Frequency: 10 to 200 Hz

Emission: static and modulated frequency

Intensity: 100 Gauss (peak); effective over the patient max. 50 Gauss over each solenoid

Graphic and coloured LCD

Pre-set protocols

Free memories

CMP 1 Plus: single 80 cm large for partial applications

CMP2 Plus:main solenoid 80 cm, second solenoid 65 cm.

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