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HEALTH: High Energy Laser Therapy

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More and more affordable technologies for ever increasing performance!

Against pain and inflammation, accelerates local metabolism. The 1064nm wavelength is included in into the universally defined best "laser therapeutic window", in which the transmission occurs both on the superficial tissues and on the deeper tissues, involving muscles, tendons and bones.

HEALTH represents one of the new high energy advanced laser therapy devices and it is provided with the most innovative approach for laser therapy into the field of Physiotherapy. It reaches to the deepest tissues as well as the surface layers successfully and provokes warm effects and grants bio-stimulation for performing both non-thermal and thermal applications depending to the pathology.

Laser beam coming from HEALTH is capable of provoking simultaneously photo-physic, photo-chemical, photo-thermal and photo-mechanic effects. Its innovative solid state laser sources, ensure better endurance and performances than the crystal and dust used in most traditional ND: YAG lasers.

Widely used for treatments of acute pathologies in sport medicine and also in treating several chronic conditions such as back pain and arthritis. The continuous, pulsed and super pulsed emission modes offered in these devices, broaden the therapeutic possibilities available for the medical professional. Available in two options of power at the source: FIBER X5Y with 6W at the source and FIBER YAG with 15W.




Power supply: 115 - 230, 50/60 Hz, +/- 10%

Dimensions: cm 40x30x25

Automatic calculation of energy density and application time

Coloured LCD    

Pointer Encoder: Touch-screen

Continuous, pulsed and super pulsed modes: Yes, as standard

Modulation: 1 to 250 Hz Emission: continuous / pulsed / super pulsed

Pre-set programs with body pictures

Free memories for customized protocols

Therapeutic objectives

Laser Source: 1064 nm

Visible wavelength 650 nm

Power at the source: 6 W or 15W

Pre-set programs with body pictures: Yes, as standard

Free memories: Yes, as standard

20 and 60 mm large radiators: As standard

Protective goggles: Yes, one as standard


On inquiry extras:

 120 mm large radiator

Autobilanced arm with holder for radiator 120 mm          

Roland 2 trolley with boxes         

Roland 2 trolley without boxes  

Second protective goggles.         

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HPL: tradition and success in scanning lasers

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HPL is probably the most diffused scanning laser device all over the world, and today further to the experience and the success of the previous range, HPL has been renewed introducing new and more attractive solutions in terms of pure design, performances, ease of use and effectiveness. HPL shall continue to be a point of reference into the field of scanning lasers. A choice coming from a strong tradition, reliability of trade-mark and product. HPL activates the natural healing process in several pathologies and inflammation.

Each HPL model is provided with High Power Laser source which generates high density energy:

- HPL 1.6: with IR source 808 nm, 1,600 mW + 650 nm visible beam

- HPL 7.0: with IR source 808 nm 7,000 mW + 650 nm visible beam

- HPL 7.0 with YAG source 1064 nm, 7.000 mW + 650 nm visible beam.

The possibility of rotating scanning plane is completely automatic. This feature allows to move easily laser beam, to adapt it to the real treated area and to perform treatment also while the patient has been seated. HPL is completely new:

The sophisticated design is pure expression of all the attention place into this new version, into all aspects of the unit. From the technology to the performances, from the design to the practical use, from the software to the safety for patients and operators.

The whole result is a new laser device, made for continuing to be appreciated and useful for performing all typical applications of laser.


Technical features

Laser protection: class IV

Power supply: 110 – 230 Vac +/- 10% 50/60 Hz

Dimensions & weight: cm 45x60x160 h - 40 Kg

Visible beam: 650 nm

Emission: continuous and puled

Duty-cycle: 10 ÷ 100%

Frequency: 10 ÷ 200 Hz

Rotation of laser beam:- 45° / + 90°

Pre-set programs and free memories

Independent external output: hand-piece with IR 808 nm

1200 mW (on inquiry)

Standard accessories: protective goggles(1),

inter-look connection,manual.

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Stop pain and inflammation

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A very effective laser device, capable of delivering high energy density. Thanks to its most innovative solid state laser source of 808nm, HC-IRED is capable of treating all the acute and chronic pathologies without any special collateral effects and contraindications, with effectiveness, care and safety.

 The new technologic solutions of HC I-RED, make 808nm infrared laser beam useful for a large spectrum of pathologies of muscles, tendons, bones and skin conditions.

It is possible to perform treatments manually for treating trigger and/or tender points by making very small movements all over the affected area.

HC I-RED may deliver high energy density to the deepest tissues thanks to the special features of the source itself as well as the electronic system that allows it to keep power constantly throughout the whole application time.


Continuous and pulsed modes

HC I-RED is one of the most traditional high energy laser device, provided with a new solid state laser source working with a peak of 1.600 mW, both in continuous and in pulsed emission modes, for provoking both thermal and non-thermal actions over the different cellular layers, depending on the status of the pathology and on the aim of each treatment.

All the energy you need

The operator may select a wide range of functions: starting from the opportunity to set frequency from 10 to 20.000 Hz, depending on the emission modality he would prefer.

Also, from the energy point of view, HC I-RED, thanks to the high power laser source is capable to generate high energy density up to 1450 J/cm2 while 30minutes application time

has been set the software of HC I-RED and could be used separately or combined into the same applications.


Trigger points and manual scanning

From the clinical experience along with the technical knowledge, HC I-RED was provided with a wide range of useful functions for treating trigger (or tender) points automatically and also painful and inflamed areas by a small manual movement over the areas to be treated. Each modality is suggested from the software of HC IR and could be used separately or combined into the same applications.


Technical features


Laser source type: IR 808 nm

Power supply:   115 - 230, 50/60 Hz, +/- 10%

Frequency: from 1 to 300 Hz

Continuous, pulsed, trigger points: As standard

Peak power: 1.600 mw (1,6 W)

Effective power: up to 1.200 mw (1,2 W)

Duty cycle 10% - 100%

Automatic calculation of energy density and application time

Pre-set protocols with pictures

Free memories for storing customized protocols

Pointer Encoder: Touch-screen

Coloured touch-screen 480x800 pixels

Protective goggles: One, as standard


On inquiry:

Wheeled frame device with boxes

Second protective goggles

Roland trolley

HC trolley

Carrying case.

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High power& high energy density made portable

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Provided with high intensity up to 1.200 mW over the patient and 1600 mW on the source, continuous and pulsed modes, TOWER LIGHT is allowing to treat with effective every pathology with safety.

Trigger points and manual applications, TOWER LIGHT is widely used for doing laser applications for all useful pathologies.


Easy to use, handling, safe and effectives, TOWER LIGHT, despite its compact size, is a very effective device, capable to deliver high energy density in a very short time.


Technical features:

Laser Class 4

Source power: 1600 mW

Effective power on patient: 1200 Mw

Power supply:   115 - 230, 50/60 Hz, +/- 10%

Frequency: 1 – 250 Hz

Laser source: 808 nm

Power at the source: 1,6 W

Pre-set programs with body pictures: As standard

Pointer: Soft touches

Free memories: As standard

Protective goggles: One, as standard

Continuous and pulsed emission

Display:  Coloured, 4.3”


Protective goggles

Pre-set programs

Free memories


On inquiry:

Second pair of protective goggles

Carrying case

Rechargeable battery inside

Roland/HC trolley.

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