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Music Glove:

MusicGlove is a hand therapy device that is clinically proven to improve hand function in 2 weeks. An FDA listed device that includes a wearable sensorized glove and a therapy-based musical game. Motivates patients to perform hundreds of functional hand and finger repetitions while playing the engaging musical game. The device is gradeable to the patients’ level of impairment and tracks their progress after each therapy session. Safe, easy to understand, and can be used in the clinic with a therapist or at home without supervision.


Who is the MusicGlove for?

Physiotherapy centers, rehabilitation centers and ergotherapy centers.


Target group:

  • Individuals with mild to moderate hand impairment after stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, or other neurologic injury to improve hand dexterity and strength.
  • A qualified user should be able to touch their thumb to the index or middle finger and release this grip by a 1/4" or more.


How does It work?

Step 1: Select your grips

  • Choose which fingers you'd like to work on. Lower level patients can start with one grip.


Step 2: Select your difficulty level

  • Choose your difficulty level, then choose
  • how long you'd like to workout for.


Step 3: Play!

  • Notes will float down the screen and you will attempt to make the correct pinching movement as each note hits the bottom of the screen.


Value of MusicGlove

  • Improve clinical outcomes through high intensity training

Two randomized controlled trials performed at the University of California, showed that people using the MusicGlove had significantly greater improvements in hand function than those who performed conventional tabletop exercises.


  • Treat more patients without increasing staff

MusicGlove offers a motivating alternative to conventional one-on-one therapy. The software includes a self-directed 15 to 60 minute Session Mode that can be used to increase the dose of intensive therapy each patient receives without the need for increasing staff. No additional training is required.


  • Provide objective outcome measures for hand therapy

MusicGlove also comes with a proprietary Analytics Suite that tracks and logs detailed measures of patient performance. With the touch of a button, therapists can view or print a patient’s historical data in a clear, concise format.



Available in 3 Formats for home use (1 glove – size of your preference)





Available in 3 Formats for clinic use (6 gloves – 2S, 2M, 2L)



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FitMe is an interactive exercise tool for occupational and physical therapy. Full-body exercise tool that transforms classic therapy into a fun, interactive experience. FDA listed neurorehab that helps improve mobility for hands, arms, core, and legs. Ready to use right out of the box, no special training required. Adapts to each patient’s level of recovery, even if they have little to no mobility. Used in 300+ rehabilitation hospitals, 10.000+ homes.


Who is FitMi intended for?

FitMi is designed for all levels of impairment after a neurologic injury such as:

stroke, spinal cord injury, cerebral Palsy, traumatic brain injury, neurologic & muscular injury, developmental disability


What does it include?

2 FitMi Pucks, FitMi receiver charging dock, the RehabStudio app


How does it work?

Step 1: Select Your Body Part

  • Decide what muscle group you’d like to exercise: hand, arm, core, or legs.


Step 2: Start Exercising

  • Using the blue and yellow pucks, follow along with the game and complete the exercises as best you can.


Step 3: Increase Challenge

  • As your patients improve each day, you can customize their regimen and add more challenging exercises.


  • With FitMi, patients use two wireless “Pucks” to interact with therapeutic exercise apps on a Flint tablet or a PC or Mac. Each Puck contains 10 different sensors that track your patients’ movements in order to provide a real time feedback as they exercise in the apps. As your patients exercise, FitMi provides real-time visual, auditory, and haptic feedback when each rep is completed successfully. This interactive feedback will keep your patients engaged throughout their regimen. Then, at the end of each session, the app displays the number of reps your patients completed correctly for each exercise and lets them see how they stack up against their best score.


How much movement is needed?

  • FitMi is designed for all impairment levels. Even individuals with complete paralysis can benefit from using FitMi passively (meaning, you assist your affected limb), which stimulates the brain.


Is any special training required?

  • FitMi is ready to use right out of the box with no special training required. The entire unit takes less than 5 minutes.
  • To set up and is designed to be user and clinician friendly.
  • Flint’s instructional videos can be found here: https://www.flintrehab.com/howto/


What Apps are Included?

FitMi comes with our unique “RehabStudio” app that turns any computer into a virtual gym. In RehabStudio, you can create custom therapy Regimens from a library of 40 classic exercises. Then, your patients use FitMi to complete the number of repetitions you prescribe for each exercise.


What are the benefits of the Flint Tablet & Flint Monitor?

  • Flint offers dedicated tablets & monitors which connect with all of their devices. Each workstation has the app.
  • Software preinstalled on it so that it works right out of the box and complies with FDA regulations.
  • You simply push the power button on the tablet to start the therapy game. It does not need an internet or WiFi connection to work.


What’s the difference between the home and clinic software for FitMi?

 What is the recommended regimen for FitMi?

  • For clinicians, we recommend the exercises in the sequence they are displayed in the quick play mode.
  • Clinicians have the ability of creating their own regimen.


  • For patients, we recommend starting with the initial 3 exercises of each body part.
  • You may alternate the body parts by day. We suggest a 30 min workout session on a daily basis. If the users can't tolerate a complete 30 min session, they can do 15 minutes in the morning and then 15 minutes in the afternoon.



 Clinical Evidence

  1. Massed - Massed Practice
  2. Increasing the number of exercise repetitions that stroke survivors practice during rehabilitation leads to an improved recovery.
  3. In pilot studies with FitMi, users performed 12 times more exercise repetitions than the average for conventional therapy.
  4. Multi-Modal Feedback.
  5. Providing stroke survivors with both immediate and long-term feedback on their performance can significantly improve their recovery.
  6. FitMi provides immediate visual, auditory, and haptic feedback as patients exercise, as well as daily summaries and long-term performance trends.
  7. Adaptive Challenge
  8. Recovery after stroke is enhanced when patients are challenged at an appropriate level (i.e. the “Challenge Point Framework”).
  9. FitMi incorporates an adaptive challenge algorithm that automatically adjusts the duration and intensity of exercise users perform based on their ability.
  10. Motivating Interface
  11. Compliance to conventional home-based rehabilitation programs is notoriously low.
  12. FitMi uses innovative movement sensors and interactive gaming elements that are clinically proven to sustain motivation to exercise over a long period of time.


 I want to order both FitMi and MusicGlove. Does that mean I have to buy two tablets?

  • No. If you would like both FitMi and MusicGlove, you can ‘Add On’ one device without a tablet. All Flint tablets come with both FitMi and MusicGlove software preinstalled. For example, if you just purchase a FitMi, it will come with both FitMi and MusicGlove software installed so that you’re ready to go if you decide to get a MusicGlove in the future.


How is the FitMi cleaned?

You can use a standard disinfectant cloth to clean the outside of the pucks. To clean the charging dock, make sure it is disconnected from an outlet. Then use a standard disinfectant cloth to wipe the docking station.